When is the Right Time to Get a Storage Unit?

Storage facilities can provide temporary or long-term solutions to fit a variety of different spatial needs. Whether you’re moving, remodeling, or downsizing—storage units can be lifesavers for those with limited space.

Various lifestyle changes can often require people to free up space within the home or necessitate storing material possessions elsewhere. Self storage facilities can provide the flexibility and convenience to store items while allowing people access to them as needed.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why it might be the right time to get a storage unit.

Moving to a New Home

People choose to move for a variety of different reasons. Whether they’re moving to a new area or they simply need to store items in between living arrangements—self storage can solve many of the issues commonly encountered.

The most common reasons for using storage rentals during a move include:

  • Downsizing: Many people choose to downsize their living situations to accommodate changes. Whether their kids are moving away to college or they simply want to move to a smaller home—storage units often act as an intermediary between moves. Storage units can be rented to temporarily store goods instead of selling or throwing them away.
  • Selling a home: When a home is sold many times a move out date is sooner than expected due to buyer requirements. Storage units allow possessions to be stored if the next home is not ready for move-in. 
  • Getting married: If a couple moves in together or gets married there may be multiples of every item. Instead of getting rid of each one, items can be kept in storage facilities.

Although moving can often be a stressful endeavor, storage units can provide peace of mind knowing items are stored safely and securely. Appliances, furniture, and other common items take up lots of space so storage units are a convenient way to store items outside of the home.

Home Renovations

People renovate homes as a way of modernizing and improving current living spaces. The problem is household items generally have to be removed and stored off site while renovations occur. The last thing people want is their furniture and valuables getting covered in paint and other building materials.

The size of the storage facility needed will depend upon the particular household renovation. If an entire home is being redone a larger storage unit may be required. On the other hand a smaller storage space may be sufficient for simple room renovations.

Some of the most commonly stored items include:

  • Bedroom sets
  • Appliances 
  • Living room sets
  • Kitchenware
  • Electronics
  • Photographs and archival items

If you’re looking to renovate your home self storage solutions can secure your home goods against damage or corrosion caused by construction.

Buying New Furniture

Many choose to buy or replace existing furniture and other household items. The problem is some may find it difficult to sell or discard existing furniture. Whether it holds sentimental value or it’s simply difficult to part with—many people choose to hold onto their old furniture instead of getting rid of it.

Sofas, bedroom furniture, appliances, and television sets are just a few of the examples of items people may choose to keep in storage facilities. Others may store items at storage sites temporarily while they’re for sale.

Why Choose Lock and Leave Storage

If you’ve been searching for the right storage facility to secure your precious possessions—look no further than Lock and Leave Storage. As a safe and quality residential and business self-storage facility all units come with a number of features including:

  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff on hand
  • Easily accessible hours of operation between 7:00am and 7:00pm
  • Clean storage spaces
  • 24 hour security video surveillance
  • Boxes and packing supplies
  • Truck rentals 

Our quality residential and business self-storage solutions are designed to fit a multitude of different needs. If you’ve been searching for a safe, quality self-storage solution feel free to contact one of our storage specialists to help you find the right size storage unit today.

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