How to Secure and Organize Your Belongings in a Storage Unit

Whether it is for your business or your home, short-term or long-term, sometimes you simply need more space to store your items. In order to keep your belongings secure and easily accessible, here are some tips on how to protect your belongings and create an organized storage unit.

Make an Inventory of the Storage Items and Label Them

To keep all of your belongings in order, the best place to start is to make a list of all the items you are going to put in storage. Some items are easy to remember — larger items, like beds, sofas, and desks. But smaller items are a little harder to remember. So, as you begin to pack your belongings up, create a spreadsheet of what is going in your unit. As you are packing everything up, go ahead and label your boxes or bins. 

This will help you find your items when you are looking for them down the road. As you move your things in, remember to put your labels forward-facing so that you can see them easily. If you know that you will be using the space long-term, creating a map of where you store each item can help you get to items quickly whenever you need them.

Make the Most of Your Space by Bringing in Shelving

Once you are ready to move your belongings, you want to make sure that you can use every square inch of your storage unit. One of the easiest ways to do this is by bringing in freestanding shelving units. Shelves will help you use the full height of your space, and it can also make accessing boxes or plastic bins much easier since they won’t be stacked on top of each other. You can simply pull a bin off a shelf! 

Also, if you plan on storing decorative shelving, give it a double-use. You can store small boxes or plastic bins that are light on your decorative shelves.

Decide Between Cardboard Boxes or Clear Bins

Cardboard boxes are a cost-efficient way to store your belongings — especially if you know your timeline. If you plan on using your storage unit in between moves, then you might not ever need to unbox any of your items, making cardboard boxes your best choice. But, if you are planning on using the space as an extra garage or basement storage, you might want to invest in clear bins. 

With clear bins, it is easier to see inside of them and figure out which belongings are in which container. Also, bins will last longer and have a sealed lid making it more difficult for any bugs or dirt to get inside. With either option, check the dimensions to make sure they fit into your shelving and then purchase boxes of similar size for those going on the shelves. 

Plan the Layout for Your Stored Items

As you begin to put your belongings into the storage unit, consider which items you will need to be able to get to at a later date. Those items probably need to be put in last and stored toward the front of your unit. When you pack, start with large, heavy items, like furniture or heavy boxes, and place them towards the back of the unit on the bottom.

If there is anything that you know you will need to get to, make sure to pack it in a place you can both remember and get to. For instance, you might not need to take out your extra bed frame for a while, but you might need that extra pack-n-play for when you go on vacation. Labeling items you might need, like seasonal clothing or holiday decorations, helps you find them quickly.

Use Your Vertical Space

You are getting a storage space in order to have space — so let’s use it all! While you can make sure that your shelves go as high as your storage unit, you can also turn furniture vertical to maximize space. You’ll also want to disassemble large furniture items to make them easier to store vertically — take apart bed frames, table legs, headboards, and decorative shelves. For safety purposes, make sure that items are stable and will not fall. 

Since these are the larger items, even when they are vertical, it is usually best to put them towards the back of the storage unit. However, mattresses need to lie flat when they are stored. If your unit is particularly tall, you might want to keep a step stool or small ladder in the space to have safe access to items higher up.

Secure and Convenient Storage

If you’ve been searching for a safe and convenient storage environment to organize your valuables, keepsakes, and all of your “extras” — look no further than Lock & Leave Storage. With multiple locations — we provide quality residential and business self-storage solutions to organize and secure your belongings. Our storage specialists are here to help you each step of the way. Contact us today to get started!

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