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If you live in Placentia, Yorba Linda or surrounding areas, then you’re probably looking for affordable self storage deals in OC. Regardless of whether we’re living in an apartment or in a house, the reality is that we all accumulate lots of stuff over the years. We don’t want to throw away our memories or things we’ve worked hard to accumulate, so what do we do?

The answer is simple. Put everything in an affordable self storage unit!

While that sounds simple enough, many self storage facilities in Orange County actually work very hard in coming across as affordable, but end up costing a fortune after you walk in the front office to sign the paperwork.

The trick to finding a good self storage company is finding an honest and service-oriented facility, one that does what they say, without any gimmicks, hidden charges or ridiculous fees.

After doing some research online, you may quickly realize that there aren’t that many honest self storage facilities left in Orange County. In fact, you’ll only find a few self storage places with exceptional reviews by hard working people just like you.

Unfortunately, this is the sad reality of today’s market, where out-of-touch corporations come in, set up shop, and have their lawyers write their contracts all aimed to benefit the shareholders. After doing business with these companies, you’ll quickly realize it’s not about what benefits you, but what benefits them. It’s about squeezing you for every penny you’ve got and tying you into uncomfortable long-term contracts loaded with cancellation policies and penalties.

Lock and Leave Storage in Placentia is different. That’s because our owners are regular hard working people just like you, who have been frustrated with the storage business, and decided long ago to serve their neighbors the same way they would like to be served — with honesty, integrity and service.

As one of only a handful of great self storage facilities in and around Placentia, Lock and Leave Storage puts customers first, offering great self storage deals that include free moving truck rental for their customers, free driver, and an unbelievable $19.95 move-in rate. Nothing extra. No strings attached.

So if you’re looking for self storage deals from a company that wants to keep you as a life-long customer, then give us a call. We want to earn your storage business and will jump through hoops to make you happy.

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