Affordable Student Storage Solutions by Lock and Leave Storage

Student Storage Solutions: A storage unit – especially if you share with a roommate – can take the worry and expense out of lugging your belongings home during the summer break You’ll soon be heading home from college for the summer. What do you do with all your stuff? Move it h
Self Storage Tips on Donating Used Items and Clothing

Self Storage Tips: Instead of Trashing, Why Not Donate?

Donate! As you wade into your spring cleaning chores, don’t dump everything or haul it to your storage unit. Consider donating some items to a worthy cause. As you pack up your winter clothing for the seasonal move to your storage unit, consider donating some of those items to c
Moving tip: Store Winter Clothes

Store Winter Clothes to Expand Your Space

If your closet is low on space, you might want to store winter clothes now that spring is here. Here are some tips to keep your clothes in good condition for retrieval. If you’re doing your spring cleaning and wondering how your closet ever got so cluttered, consider a self-storage un

Packing Your Moving Truck Like a Professional Mover

The process of packing a moving truck can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you arrive at your destination with all your belongings intact. When you’re getting ready to move – either taking some of your items to a storage facility or relocating to a new home – proper planning is k

14 Tips for Packing Your Storage Unit the Right Way

With a little planning ahead, you won’t have to worry about your storage unit once you lock the door and drive away. Packing a storage unit correctly requires some planning and forethought. Here are 14 tips that will protect your belongings and keep you free of frustration when you go
Moving Tips Orange County

9 Moving Tips That Will Make Life a Whole Lot Easier

With so much stuff to pack and unpack, how can you be sure you’re taking all the right steps to make your move as smooth as possible? Check out our moving tips below! Orange County, California — Moving day is right around the corner and you’re officially under the gun to quickly

Moving Tips: Expert Packing Tips for the Amateur Mover

Self Storage in Placentia and San Bernardino: More Moving Tips and Packing Tips from our Experts With two self storage locations in Placentia and San Bernardino, our customers often ask us to provide them with some packing tips and moving tips that would help make their move easier. S