These Tips Will Help You Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

Our self storage experts share their tips on keeping the clutter from coming back once you’ve finished clearing it all out Decluttering your home is only the first step. Make no mistake: It’s not an easy one. But the harder battle is keeping the clutter from returning, so you ca

Artwork Storage Tips by Our Self Storage Experts

Artwork Storage Tips: Artwork requires some special handling so it doesn’t get damaged while in storage If you have artwork you’re not displaying in your home, it makes sense to store your artwork properly, whether it’s going into a closet or a rental self storage facility. Regardless

Make Your Move Easy by Taking Inventory Beforehand

With a checklist of items, you’ll unpack more quickly and know whether something is missing or damaged. Whether you’re moving or planning to keep some household or business items in a storage facility, it’s a good idea to start an inventory as soon as you decide to make the move. That
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Moving? Self Storage May Be The Right Answer

Moving? Renting self storage space provides you with extra options, and the ability to make the move at your own pace Renting a self storage unit before moving to a new home can make your move easier to accomplish, providing flexibility and helping relieve your stress. That’s particul

Self Storage Etiquette: Be Respectful

Here are some of the unwritten rules of proper self storage etiquette. Once you’ve rented your self storage unit, take steps to be a good neighbor. Here are some tips to the proper storage unit etiquette: Follow the rules. When you rent your unit, you’ll get a list of rules to follow.

How Much Storage Space Do You Need?

Don’t underestimate the size of the unit you will need. Take time to figure out how your items will fit. Choosing an appropriately sized storage unit can be a challenge. Renters often underestimate the amount of space they need based on a facility’s guidelines. To avoid making a
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Self Storage and Moving Tips – Big or Small Boxes?

Self Storage and Moving Tips: Smaller Boxes Make Better Sense If you’re like most people who are moving, you grab a few big boxes, fill them up with all sorts of things and get them ready for transport to either your new place or a self storage facility. But did you know smaller boxes
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Business Storage Solutions – Self Storage in Placentia

Business Storage Solutions in Placentia California Do you own a small or medium size business in Orange County? Are you looking for a scalable, affordable and highly secure business storage solution that can grow with your business? Lock & Leave offers self storage lockers for bu