Self Storage Deals OC

Storage Deals in OC

Looking for Storage Deals in OC? You don’t have to look far at all! Lock & Leave Storage can help. If you live in Placentia, Yorba Linda or surrounding areas, then you’re probably looking for affordable self storage deals in OC. Regardless of whether we’re livin
Self Storage Deals in Placentia California

Storage Deals in Placentia California

Get Awesome Storage Deals in Placentia California Looking for an awesome deal on self storage in Placentia? Storage deals seemingly keep popping up here and there, but when you look at the fine print, often those deals are riddled with conditions, limitations and special blackout date
Cheap Storage San Bernardino

Cheap Storage in San Bernardino

Looking for cheap storage in San Bernardino? You just found it! Do you live in San Bernardino? Are you looking for cheap self storage? Are you tired of gimmicky offers by the bigger storage facilities that draw you in with limited time offers then raise the price? Do you want a friend

Self Storage Tips: Best Way to Store Your Musical Instrument

If you’re looking to store your musical instrument, do it in a way to protect your gear for months or even years. Whatever musical instrument you play – whether you’re a professional musician, a sometime player, or you simply want to keep your precious trumpet until your youngst

Setting Up a Nursery? Here’s How Self Storage Can Help!

A storage unit can be useful when you’re setting up a nursery for your new bundle of joy! If you’re soon to have a baby, you know you have to make some changes in your living areas to prepare for your infant’s arrival. Many people find that self storage can be a huge help
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Clearing Out the Clutter Eases Your Mind and Opens Up Space

How do you cull items near and dear to you? Hold each object and decide whether it brings you joy If you look around your house and see lots of clutter, it’s time to decide what you should keep and what should go. Researchers at Princeton University found that a cluttered environment

Wedding Planners: A Storage Unit Might Come in Handy!

Wedding Planners: Store gifts and decorations before the wedding, and your dress and memorabilia afterward with Self Storage A storage unit can be useful place to store items before a wedding, while you’re doing the wedding planning, as well as a repository for your keepsakes af
clear clutter for the new year self storage

Clear Out Clutter for the New Year

Discard or donate items you don’t use, and put seasonal items and keepsakes in storage to free up space Soon you’ll be packing up your holiday decorations, tossing your tree, and raising a glass to welcome the year 2017. If you’ve stored some items to make more room for the holi
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‘Tis the Season: How Self-Storage Can Help During the Holidays

A storage unit can free up extra space for seasonal decorations or winter guests Do you need to declutter your house before the holidays? Maybe you need to make room for holiday decorations. Or perhaps you need space to host holiday guests. Granted, the holiday season may not be the b

Self Storage Tips: Convert Your Garage Into a Haven

A garage conversion can add an extra room to your home — anything from a workshop to a gym or home theater Looking for more space to hide out or entertain in your home? Consider a garage conversion. You can turn a garage into anything from a workshop to a gym or home theater. Bu