Looking for Cheap Self Storage in Orange County? Here’s One Company That Provides Exceptional Value at Bargain Prices

Often getting a cheap self storage unit in Orange County means getting a storage locker that is far below average in quality, located in a bad part of town with no perks whatsoever. Not so, says Lock & Leave Storage Placentia, CA — With literally dozens of self storage facilities

Getting Ready to Move? Before You Do, Get Yourself a Self Storage Unit

Looking to move this summer and need a convenient and affordable self storage unit? With real estate prices at an all time high, chances are you’ll move into a smaller space, needing additional room for your furniture, memorabilia, and appliances Placentia, California – The busy

Selecting the Right Small Business Storage in Orange County

If you own a small business in Orange County, then you most probably need some extra storage space for all your documents, paperwork and archives. Instead of renting a larger space, why not rent a scalable small business storage unit? Placentia, California – With small businesses surg
Self Storage Solutions for CPAs, Accountants and Bookkeepers in Orange County CA

Tax Season is Now Over: Self Storage Solutions for Accountants and CPAs in Orange County

If You’re a CPA or Accountant in Orange County, You’re Probably Looking for Affordable Self Storage Solutions Now That Tax Season is Officially Over! Placentia, CA – Tax season is now officially over, and with hundreds of busy Orange County accountants sifting through piles of paperwo

Self Storage Solutions: Why Choose Lock & Leave Storage?

Despite Many Large Franchise Corporate Self Storage Facilities in the Area, Many People are Choosing Lock & Leave Storage for Good Reason! Recently we sat down with the owner of Placentia and San Bernardino’s most popular and highly ranked self storage facility – Lock & Leav
Business Storage Solutions for Placentia and San Bernardino Businesses

Business Storage Solutions: When is the Right Time to Make the Move?

Are You a Small Business Owner in Need of Extra Space for your Stuff? Our Business Storage Solutions May Fit Your Needs. Looking for affordable and scalable business storage solutions that fit your small business? Need space for to archive old files and even store extra furniture? If
Self Storage in Placentia Offers Free Moving Truck and Driver

Self Storage in Orange County Offers Free Moving Truck Rental and Driver

Self Storage in Orange County Wants to Make Your Moving Day Easy and Enjoyable with a Free Moving Truck Rental Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, Lock & Leave Storage in Orange County and San Bernardino is offering an amazing move-in special. As one of the lead

Moving Tips: Expert Packing Tips for the Amateur Mover

Self Storage in Placentia and San Bernardino: More Moving Tips and Packing Tips from our Experts With two self storage locations in Placentia and San Bernardino, our customers often ask us to provide them with some packing tips and moving tips that would help make their move easier. S
Best Deals on Self Storage in Placentia and San Bernardino

Best Deals on Self Storage in Orange County

Best Deals on Self Storage in Orange County: How do Smaller Self Storage Facilities Stack Up Against Larger Ones? Looking for the best deals on self storage in Orange County, California? Looking to move or store your extra stuff away somewhere safe, convenient and affordable? Or maybe
Moving Tips - Outdoor Self Storage Versus Indoor Lockers

Self Storage and Moving Tips – Outdoor or Indoor Self Storage Lockers?

Self Storage and Moving Tips: Picking the Best Self Storage Locker Based on Your Needs Many self storage facilities offer both indoor and outdoor self storage lockers, each coming with its own perks. So which storage unit is best for your self storage needs? Our moving experts weighed