Moving tip: Store Winter Clothes

Store Winter Clothes to Expand Your Space

If your closet is low on space, you might want to store winter clothes now that spring is here. Here are some tips to keep your clothes in good condition for retrieval. If you’re doing your spring cleaning and wondering how your closet ever got so cluttered, consider a self-storage un

Packing Your Moving Truck Like a Professional Mover

The process of packing a moving truck can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you arrive at your destination with all your belongings intact. When you’re getting ready to move – either taking some of your items to a storage facility or relocating to a new home – proper planning is k

Get Ready for the Summer Moving Madness!

Summer’s Just Around the Corner, Which Means Moving Season is Almost Here! Summer is right around the corner, and with kids getting out of school in only a couple of months, we tend to see a huge spike in moving activity, more than any other time of the year. Summer always seems to pu

14 Tips for Packing Your Storage Unit the Right Way

With a little planning ahead, you won’t have to worry about your storage unit once you lock the door and drive away. Packing a storage unit correctly requires some planning and forethought. Here are 14 tips that will protect your belongings and keep you free of frustration when you go
Moving Tips Orange County

9 Moving Tips That Will Make Life a Whole Lot Easier

With so much stuff to pack and unpack, how can you be sure you’re taking all the right steps to make your move as smooth as possible? Check out our moving tips below! Orange County, California — Moving day is right around the corner and you’re officially under the gun to quickly
Self Storage Deals Orange County

Self Storage Deals Orange County

Looking for self storage deals in Orange County and San Bernardino? We’ve got great deals waiting for you! Orange County, California — With interest rates as low as they’ve been in years, no wonder so many people are buying houses and moving. Others, on the other han
Moving Day: Here's Why You'll Need Lock & Leave Storage

Moving Day: Here’s Why You’ll Need Lock & Leave Storage

So you’re moving this weekend? Think you’ve got all your bases covered? Think again. See why you’ll need our help. Many people getting ready to move may not realize just what a feat getting through the moving process really is. The truth is it take a lot more than ju

Great Holiday Deals to Keep Your In-Laws Happy, from Lock & Leave Self Storage

These great holiday deals on self storage can put a smile on your face, and make living with your in-laws just a bit more bearable! San Bernardino, California – We realize how crazy the holidays can get, especially if your in-laws have decided to grace you with their presence —

Amazing Holiday Deals on Self Storage and Moving Supplies

Are your holiday guests unable to use the guest bathroom because it’s being used as self storage? No worries. We can help you declutter with our holiday deals! Placentia, California – The holidays are just around the corner, and so we wanted to take this opportunity to wis
Moving Truck Rental Deals in Placentia and San Bernardino - Free with Self Storage Plans

Moving This Weekend? Need a Moving Truck? Lock & Leave Can Help!

If you’re looking to move and need a place to store your belongings, a moving truck, or even moving supplies, you’ve come to the right place! Placentia, California – So you’re moving this weekend and need a moving truck? Maybe you’re downsizing or simply