Self Storage Deals Orange County

Self Storage Deals Orange County

Looking for self storage deals in Orange County and San Bernardino? We’ve got great deals waiting for you! Orange County, California — With interest rates as low as they’ve been in years, no wonder so many people are buying houses and moving. Others, on the other han
Moving Day: Here's Why You'll Need Lock & Leave Storage

Moving Day: Here’s Why You’ll Need Lock & Leave Storage

So you’re moving this weekend? Think you’ve got all your bases covered? Think again. See why you’ll need our help. Many people getting ready to move may not realize just what a feat getting through the moving process really is. The truth is it take a lot more than ju

Great Holiday Deals to Keep Your In-Laws Happy, from Lock & Leave Self Storage

These great holiday deals on self storage can put a smile on your face, and make living with your in-laws just a bit more bearable! San Bernardino, California – We realize how crazy the holidays can get, especially if your in-laws have decided to grace you with their presence —

Amazing Holiday Deals on Self Storage and Moving Supplies

Are your holiday guests unable to use the guest bathroom because it’s being used as self storage? No worries. We can help you declutter with our holiday deals! Placentia, California – The holidays are just around the corner, and so we wanted to take this opportunity to wis
Moving Truck Rental Deals in Placentia and San Bernardino - Free with Self Storage Plans

Moving This Weekend? Need a Moving Truck? Lock & Leave Can Help!

If you’re looking to move and need a place to store your belongings, a moving truck, or even moving supplies, you’ve come to the right place! Placentia, California – So you’re moving this weekend and need a moving truck? Maybe you’re downsizing or simply

Moving Truck Rentals in Orange County – Getting the Best Deal

There are hundreds of facilities that rent moving trucks, so how can you be sure you’re getting the best deal? Placentia, California — Moving isn’t always fun, not just because of all the packing and unpacking, but also because of the cost and headache associated with renting a

Self Storage Units in San Bernardino Now Available

Looking for a great deal on self storage units in San Bernardino? Stop searching! Lock & Leave Storage can help. San Bernardino, CA — If you’ve been procrastinating cleaning up the garage or storing away the baby’s old clothes, theres a great solution available that not only decl

Moving Truck Rental Deals in San Bernardino and Placentia

Enjoy a free moving truck rental when you move into your self storage unit in San Bernardino or Placentia. Yes, FREE! San Bernardino, CA — It didn’t take long for the management of Lock & Leave Storage to come up with a way to show their gratitude towards their loyal custom
self storage placentia - moving tips

Self Storage and Moving Tips – Big or Small Boxes?

Self Storage and Moving Tips: Smaller Boxes Make Better Sense If you’re like most people who are moving, you grab a few big boxes, fill them up with all sorts of things and get them ready for transport to either your new place or a self storage facility. But did you know smaller boxes
business self storage placentia california

Business Storage Solutions – Self Storage in Placentia

Business Storage Solutions in Placentia California Do you own a small or medium size business in Orange County? Are you looking for a scalable, affordable and highly secure business storage solution that can grow with your business? Lock & Leave offers self storage lockers for bu